Special Projects

At Smithswork, we pride ourselves on value creation, this is the driving force in our special projects

msme standards

With the spotlight on compliance, immaculately run businesses who exhibit transparency would be in high demand. A significant number of SMEs in the UK are looking to export to Africa and would require channels bereft of corruption. If you as a business can illustrate succinctly auditable governance, controls and anti-corruption processes the UK SMEs require, then you have a shot at accessing opportunities and partnerships with 230,000 + UK SMEs.

MSME Standards was created to create an ecosystem of compliance-ready companies to access the enormous opportunities available with over 230,000 MSMEs in the UK.

The building blocks of MSME Standards include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Control Environment
  • Control Activities
  • Risk Management
  • Information & Communications
  • Continuous Improvements.

Smithswork Limited in partnership with Integrity Organization Limited will manage the community to ensure that MSMEs within the platform benefit from the opportunities it presents. For more information please click Here or call 01 888 0115

The Secret 7
The Secret 7

Through the years, Organizational structure has been defined by Scholars, Executives and Corporate Anthropologists along continuum’s that are intended to represent polarities of behaviour. They cover a wide range of leadership and communication styles, decision-making and every other governing principle illustrated in the organization and reinforced and normalized by the key talent systems and management practices.

Owing to a wealth of knowledge by the Clarion group comprising over 40 years of in-depth knowledge gained through work with Hundreds of clients across a plethora of industries and sectors in over 40 countries, 7 major dimensions of culture have been identified.

This dimensions are known as the secret seven.

These dimensions consistently emerge as critical in the operations relating to the organization.

The seven dimensions aren’t the only dimensions. There are four sub-dimensions for each of them which constantly emerge in the workplace. While noting that there are no better or worse dimensions, every organization must consider the elements which empower the organization to achieve its vision and Strategy/ mission, purpose and values and how best to position it in the market it satisfies.

In conjunction with Smithswork Limited, Clarion group is providing free access to the Secret Seven survey in Nigeria. For more information on the Secret 7, or if you’d like to receive a unique survey which is useful for your company for free, Click Here and complete the form.

Innovation managers

Innovation Managers Programme

At Smithswork, we pride ourselves on value creation. That desire to constantly improve and offer better is the driving force behind the Innovation Managers Program.

A three month internship offered to groom and mould Disciplined, Hard-working, Passionate hound men and women into the SME sector which is the backbone of our economy.

By refining talents to meet the growing need of professionals in the SME sector, we are contributing our quota to nation building and development.

Small businesses account for almost 96% of the Nigerian Business Economy and even adds a whopping 48% to the GDP as well as 84% to employment in this country. Inability to cater for the needs of the Small Business would create a major caveat in the economy stemming from the loss of revenue.

If you are interested in hiring alumni of our program, kindly sign-up for updates on the program by emailing us at : info@www.smithsworkltd.com